New Tract Warns Young People Against Occult

Today, a whole generation is caught up in Satan`s attempt to bring another layer of darkness into their lives. They flock to movies, TV shows about vampires and werewolves. They devour books about heroes who cast spells and attend schools that teach how to gain power through satanic rituals. Simply searching for "vampire movies" in Google returns over 26 million hits.

For several decades, Chick Publications has spotlighted this rising tide of evil in our culture. Tracts like Bewitched?, Evil Eyes, The Unwelcome Guest and some of the tracts geared for Halloween have attempted to show God`s view of the danger of toying with Satan`s helpers.

The paperback books Lucifer Dethroned, Wicca and Blood on the Doorposts by William Schnoebelen detail one man`s journey from "innocent" white witchcraft into the darker rituals of Satanism. Ultimately he found himself driving the streets late at night as a vampire, looking for a victim to slack his thirst for blood. Not until he encountered the greater power of Christ did he realize he was looking for fulfillment in the wrong direction.

The tract, Crazy Wolf, is Jack Chick`s newest addition to this arsenal against evil. Young people caught up in the occult will be drawn into the story of Crazy Wolf. Then it delivers a no-nonsense message that serving God is the only protection against Satan`s deception. The story is set in the Native Indian culture. Local witches throw everything they have at "Old Mary," a devout Christian, only to find a strange power protecting her. Finally they engage the services of Crazy Wolf, their most powerful "skin walker." When he fails, the skin walker (and the reader) finds out the Source of the true Power and the eternal destiny of those who do and do not surrender to the God of that power. The reader of any culture is drawn into the story and confronted with the choice: the endless "joy of the Lord" or eternity in hell with Satan and all his vicious and slimy "angels." (See Matt. 25:41.)

Revelation chapters 9 and 18 speak of sorceries deceiving men in the last days. Today, that prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes. We are there as predicted. Finding a story that will grab the young reader is difficult. We believe that Crazy Wolf will do just that. This is a tract that you soul winners can hand to a young person and be confident that it will deliver the gospel. After they read it, they will have no excuse on judgment day if they ignore its message.