Pope Francis Making a Sharper Left Turn

Pope Francis is rapidly embracing the new humanist religion of big government to cure the world`s ills. Here he greets the head of the UN Food and Agriculture Administration (FAO). Prosperity comes only through righteousness, not global government.

One of the arguments that Roman Catholics have against Protestants is that Protestants are all fragmented into the hundreds of denominations. "Rome never changes" is a common theme. However, the present Jesuit pope is doing a left turn that illustrates how the Vatican has always tried to ride herd on wherever history happened to be going. Francis`s path is in direct line with the Vatican`s long range plan. Ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera describes that centuries-long plan in the Alberto series of the Crusader comics available from Chick Publications.

The early papal institution was organized under Constantine in the 4th century. From that time on, the goal has been world-wide control using spiritual bondage. In the west, this peaked during the dark ages where the strategy was basically convert or die, or pay tribute.

Reaction to this Inquisition-punctuated period led to the Reformation in England and America and the Enlightenment in France and Europe. The popes initially backed Hitler and Lenin to regain control, but that phase did not go well.

In Asia, Jesuit "missionaries" schmoozed their way into the graces of the leaders for a time, until their goal of domination was discovered. Several dozen countries expelled the Jesuits declaring all "Christians" as unwanted. True missionaries have had difficulty penetrating some of those countries such as China and Japan, ever since.

So, where are we today? The tiger has turned sly fox. After World War II, Vatican planners decided to abandon warfare and stress ecumenical love, instead. Beginning in the early 1960s, they convened an "Ecumenical Council" dubbed "Vatican II." The general purpose of the Council was to redirect the efforts of the "Church" to the modern world.

Much confusing language has been employed in this shift, but basically it is intended to keep the pagan doctrines of works salvation, virgin goddess worship, wafer god, priestcraft, etc. intact while making friendly noises to everyone outside. The language was changed from "heretics" to "separated brethren." Leaders of other world religions, even governments, were invited to ecumenical prayer gatherings. A new, warm face was turned toward the Jews.

Most mainline Protestant denominations were quick to respond. Even Evangelicals fell for the new image, mostly ignoring the fact that none of the unbiblical doctrines were changed.

Now, with this new Jesuit pope, we see the next chapter. Rivera noted that Rome always adapts to the changing times. She sees clearly that the prevailing new world religion is secular humanism, expressed politically in the liberal "left." Pope Francis is taking up the leftist, socialist talking points of anti-capitalism, climate change, preferential option for the poor, income inequality, anti-war, globalism, etc.

None of this is about the true, biblical gospel. It is all about Catholicism`s millennium-old thirst for world power. There has been much speculation over the years of the pope`s position as the last-days anti-Christ or maybe the False Prophet. One thing is sure: her pagan rituals guarantee that she is not part of the biblical church of Jesus Christ.

As soul winners, we need to be aware of Satan`s end-time strategies, but not give them any of our time that should be used to obey the Great Commission. All of the cataclysmic events of the book of Revelation are rapidly shaping up. While we have the freedom to do it, we need to reach out to every sinner we can with the life-giving Word of God. If we saturate our communities with no-nonsense gospel tracts, maybe we can promote a revival that would give us a little more time to continue witnessing.

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