Pope Wants UN to Become 'Moral Center'

Pope John Paul II has used several public speeches and personal meetings this year to push for more UN control of world problems. On June 4, he admonished President Bush to speed up Iraq's return to sovereignty "with the active participation of the international community and, in particular, the United Nations organization."

In January, the pope urged Vice President Dick Cheney "to work, at home and abroad, for the growth of international cooperation..." "More than ever we need a new international order which draws on the experience and results of the United Nations," the pope stated at a Christmas mass in St. Peter's Basilica.

But the pope is not content with the present UN. In another speech in 1995, Pope John Paul went beyond this to state that, "The United Nations Organization needs to rise more and more above the cold status of an administrative institution and to become a moral center..." Here he gets to the heart of the issue.

In order for the UN to "become a moral center" it must have a code of international law. Much of the confusion in the UN operations comes from a lack of agreement on this code. The pope sees himself as the custodian of the morality of the world. For decades this pope has built an international image of being the supreme moral leader of the world.

He then becomes the supreme dictator of how the international law should be written based on his moral precepts. This is a mixture of beliefs that he wants to impose on the world. He lobbys for human rights but that includes the socialist concept of taxing the rich to give welfare to the poor.

His push for sanctity of life is another example in his opposition to abortion. However, he goes beyond that in prohibiting all forms of contraception. He has also championed an international ban on capital punishment.

These differences illustrate some of the sacrifices America would have to make if we embraced a UN governed by "international law" based on the pope's moral beliefs. Individual countries, as in much of Latin America, that are dominated by the pope's morality, have long been steeped in superstition, political and cultural corruption, ignorance and poverty.

Even more dangerous, Americans would be forced to submit to trials and judgment of the recently established International Court of Justice which last year tried to claim jurisdiction over an Arizona murder case and interfere with the Arizona court's execution verdict.

The pope also pressed for President Bush to use his influence to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict. This, of course, would include the internationalization of Jerusalem that the pope has pressed for for years. He also wanted Bush to work toward solving the "intolerable conditions in various African countries." Here the pope is pushing his socialist philosophy of redistribution of wealth that has been proven to only reduce the affluent nations to the level of those in poverty.

One commentator in The National Catholic Reporter summed it up: "Thus the Holy See's diplomatic energy in coming years will have as a central aim the construction of a multilateral, multipolar world, which will necessarily imply a limitation on the power and influence of the United States."

How sad that the U.S. president, a proclaimed Bible believing Christian, should be subjected to such preaching from this false Christ who works tirelessly to subvert the God-given freedoms and liberty that Americans enjoy.

Jesus spoke in Luke 21 of distress of nations and men greatly perplexed at what they see coming upon the earth. But in the same passage He said we were to look up for our redemption was near.

Jesus is coming again!

We must be diligent to tell the lost how they can be ready for Him.

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