President Promotes "Orientation" Myth at Homosexual Fund Raiser

Addressing a recent fund-raiser for the nation's largest homosexual organization, President Clinton said, "We have to broaden the imagination of America."

Clinton was the first sitting president to accept an invitation to publicly address a homosexual/lesbian group. Excerpts from his speech illustrate how far astray America's "imagination" has come from its Bible-based foundations.

Clinton used the occasion to urge congress to pass legislation protecting homosexuals from sexual discrimination. "When we deny opportunity because of ancestry or religion, race or gender, disability or sexual orientation, we break the compact. It is wrong and it should be illegal," he said.

His use of the word "orientation" shows how thoroughly America has bought the lie that homosexuality is a condition instead of a behavior.

Until the media blitz of recent years, homosexuality was referred to as a sexual "preference." Quietly, sodomite activists, aided by a sympathetic (and often infiltrated) media have changed the language. "Preference" speaks of a choice. "Orientation" denies that choice.

Increasingly we hear: "God made me homosexual so I can't help it!" This, of course, is the position which is being taught in the government (public) schools all the way down to the elementary level.

At the tender age when the power of a single suggestion can change the course of an entire lifetime, our children are being asked to consider the possibility that they may have been pre-programmed with a sexual attraction for the same sex.

The other featured guest at the black tie dinner, which was expected to raise $300,000 for the homosexual lobby, was "Ellen" DeGeneres, lesbian actress on the Disney/ABC sitcom by that name. Clinton steered away from fawning over Ellen the way Vice President Al Gore had done just a few days before in a speech in Los Angeles.

Gore praised Hollywood for producing the openly lesbian TV character and forcing Americans to "look at sexual orientation in a more open light." DeGeneres is using her infamy to brazenly promote her perversion to young people.

Her Disney/ABC producers wanted to put a parental advisory notice at the beginning of one show containing an 8-second French kiss with her female co-star. Degeneres threatened to pull out until the producers relented. "This advisory is telling kids something's wrong with being gay," she said.

Her comment upon receiving an Emmy Award for her show clearly stated her mission:

"I accept this on behalf of all of the people out there and the teenagers especially out there who think there's something wrong with them because they're gay, and there's nothing wrong with you; don't ever let anybody make you feel ashamed of who you are."

Again the assumption is "orientation" (you are who you are) instead of "preference."

It is hard to believe that Clinton and Gore are not aware that they are promoting the kind of "imagination" which God condemned in the world just before the flood. When God looked at them He found that their "imagination" was only evil continually.

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