Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2003

I got your comic books and tracts. Wow! That stuff is great! You people at Chick have the best tracts ever! I see many unsaved people love to read them. You guys don't pull any punches or beat around the bush. I'm a Jew who believes in Jesus, praise God! Unfortunately the prison I'm in doesn't allow Chick material through the chapel, but I can get them privately.
P.G., Daytona Beach, FL

I don't know if you really know the impact that your tracts have on men around the world, especially in jails and prisons.
S.D., Houston, TX

It's such a thrill to look up and see a fellow inmate reading one of your tracts, especially when I didn't give it to him.

A while ago a guard came into our cell and gave us a quick shake-down. I gave him one of your tracts. Three weeks later he told me he read it and "accidently" took it home. His girl friend, after visiting him, was packing to return home 400 miles away and "accidently" took the tract with her and read it.

A week later she was at a crisis in her life, with her son in jail, and tired of living, she put a .38 gun in her mouth to kill herself. She remembered the tract and couldn't do it. She told the guard, "The book works!" Praise God, "Accidents" happen! After 4 1/2 years of being locked up, this is the first time the Lord ever used me to save some woman's life 400 miles away.
D., Lockhart, TX

I was 29 years old and looking at a life sentence. A fellow inmate had one of your tracts, which I read. I asked Jesus into my heart and turned my life over to Him. He worked a miracle in my case and I was released in 1991.
L.G., Lovelady, TX

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