Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2005

I've been a gangster all my life, forty years - a drug dealer, arms dealer, pistol packing fool. I was affiliated with the NLR (Nazi Low Riders). I met Jesus Christ one-on-one in my cell. I love to read anything from Chick Publications.
J.G., Corcoran, CA

Here at the compound we have a large number of Muslims and Catholics. I am a converted Catholic myself. When we receive Chick Publications you can count on them being read over and over! We estimate that a Chick tract is read until it is completely worn out.
Pekin. IL

Chaplain Woody gave me a Bible and a tract called The Execution. I read it and some others many, many times but would not pray the prayer at the end because I was concerned about what my "friends" would think. My "friends" left me holding the gun for attempted murder and I was sentenced to several years in prison. I never did hear from my "friends" again.
M., Jasper, FL

The Chick Publications literature we received from our chaplain has helped us break free of the Roman Catholic church here. A large number of Catholic priests came in to convert us, but you gave us ammunition to fight with and now we will not be defeated by lack of wisdom!
JW, Holdenville, OK

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