Prison Ministry Letters: May-2001

A friend of mine shared his Alberto and Double Cross with me and I in turn shared them with my cell mate. My celly was a Catholic, believing in the virgin Mary. After reading them it blew his mind away. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and started reading his Bible. Praise the Lord!
D.R., California

Wow! Chick Publications is not kidding about their warning on their Crusader Comics... "Caution: These books could change your life." They are doing just that to me and then some! You have scriptures and references to back up the claims you make. I was raised in a very strict Catholic family; baptized as an infant, made my first communion, forced to attend catechism and church up into my teens, then I rebelled. I started drinking and using drugs, ran away from home and went in and out of Juvenile Hall and detention camps, and became a gang member.

All that the catechism and church monotony and repetitive chanting did was make me hate church and even God.

Thanks to Chick Publications, the truth is starting to sink in and set me free. I now believe in the Holy Bible and that it was inspired by a true, good, awesome and Holy God. I feel that it is God's calling for me to win as many Roman Catholics (including my family) as I possibly can to Jesus Christ.
R.I., California

I've been a Christian for about 19 months. I have been blessed to have all of the Crusader Comic books thanks to a Christian brother who I met in prison. My life is changed forever since I read those 17 comics.
E.R., New York

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