Prison Ministry Letters: July-2008

Thank you for the truth and your faithfulness to speak the truth. I`ve started sending a little at a time to prisoners. One inmate just wrote that he had sent Why is Mary Crying "into the flow" and Catholic eyes were opened. One inmate, turning from Catholicism to Islam turned to Jesus after reading that tract.
J.J. Glendale, CA

I mailed a tract, The Bull, to a Christian inmate in Arizona State Prison, who gave the tract to another inmate who read it and got saved.

Chick Publications changed my life forever around 14 years ago. The publications kept me glued to the Bible for years. I was in prison at the time, serving a 15 year sentence: 6-½ I actually had to do. My present knowledge of the Word is due in no small part to Chick Publications. I am now a bona fide success story.
B.T.T. E-Mail

These booklets (Back From The Dead) have encouraged prisoners in the Alachua County Jail to be collectors. Many are finding Jesus.
T.L. Bransford, CT

If you wish to provide Chick tracts to help prisoners find Christ, send your donation to: Chick Tracts For Prisoners, Mission Possible, P. O. Box 1184, Inverness, FL. 34451-0836. You will get a tax deductible receipt and a newsletter detailing the progress of their ministry.

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