Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2000

Persecution forced us out of prison...
We're so blessed to send in for another order of your tracts. It took us a few months to hand out the last 1000 tracts. That's because persecution arose again and we were forced to stop ministering in a near-by prison. What a shame, since we've had such tremendous results. Through the "Grace of God" and using your wonderful tracts, we led over 300 souls to Jesus last year in that prison. Please pray that other prison doors soon open up!
B.B., Camp Hill, AL

A Jew who believes in Jesus...
I got your comic books and tracts. Wow! That stuff is great! You people at Chick have the best tracts ever! I see many unsaved people love to read them. You guys don't pull any punches or beat around the bush. I'm a Jew who believes in Jesus, praise God! Unfortunately the prison I'm in doesn't allow Chick material through the chapel, but I can get them privately.
P.G., Daytona Beach, FL

I didn't keep my eyes on the Lord...
I would like for those of you on the outside to know that the Word of Jesus Christ is active and alive here in the prison. I know of at least 20 inmates who have returned to the Word after reading your publications. I personally was born-again almost 16 years ago. But not keeping my eyes on the Lord, I ended up in prison. Your publications have given me a new light on the Word of our Lord. Thank you!
D.D., Vacaville, CA

We need your tracts desperately...
I don't know if you really know the impact that your tracts have on men around the world, especially in jails and prisons.
S.D., Houston, TX

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