Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2004

Your Chick tracts mean so much to me and those that I give them to. Many ask for more. I go to the county jail and will give some to about 20 inmates. They get discouraged when I don't show up with Chick tracts. God is blessing all of our jail and prison ministries greatly. You folks play a big part in it all.

I am a 25 year old ex-gang banger, drug and alcohol addict. I was told by many people that I would never live to be 21, but the Lord and I sure showed them. I will be released soon and will be immediately enrolling in a Bible school. Prisoners all across this country will hear from me and Chick tracts. I have a gigantic job to do since America has the second largest prison population in the world!
E.D., Tehachapi, CA

The chaplain and I had to console an inmate whose mother had passed away. He was not allowed to attend her funeral, but before going back to his cell he asked if we had any Chick tracts. The chaplain was startled, but I wasn't because I remembered those little booklets very fondly from middle-school and high school. They helped me understand the message of salvation in terms I could comprehend.
Assistant chaplain

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