Rock Music Makes Rich Wretches

Young men who start rock groups all have one common dream —great wealth. Even though a rock group can rocket to stardom and then disappear in a few short years its members can become instant millionaires.

But these youngsters have found that instant wealth does not end all their problems. They just begin.

Able to have anything they could want, they soon develop a taste for the occult and drugs. Just look at their photographs. Do they look happy?

Ever since 27-year-old Janis Joplin, who advised America's youth in 1969 to "stay stoned and have a good time," died of a heroin overdose, early death has haunted the ranks of rock and roll stars.

The list is long and gruesome. John Bonham and Bon Scott: choked on their own vomit while stoned; Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Keith Moon, Sid Vicious, all succumbed to drug overdose or drug related accidents.

More recent inductees to this hall of infamy include: Brad Nowell, Johnny Thunders, Hillel Slovek: heroin casualties; Kirt Cobain: suicide with shot gun blast to his head; Freddie Mercury and Eric Wright: AIDS. All were cut short in the prime of life.

So what are Christians doing imitating this culture of death? Can the rock beat be baptized into the service of the gospel? Can we really say that the music is neutral?

Rock Music expert Jeff Godwin writes in his book What's Wrong with Christian Rock: "The bottom line is: music is never neutral! From barroom to church house, all music has some kind of positive or negative effect. Rock music is not neutral either. All rock music promotes one thing: —animal lust."

Godwin uses extensive documentation to show that this beat does not belong in the life of Bible believer.

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