Short Term Missions Trip? Don't Forget Tracts

Issue Date: May/June 2008

In the last 50 years, short term missions trips have grown from a few each year to over 1 million Americans traveling abroad every year. One estimate states that they are providing volunteer labor worth over 6 billion dollars, helping Bible translators, orphanages, and mission compounds maintain and expand their facilities and effectiveness.

Increasingly, Christians who want to make a difference are scheduling their vacations to include some form of missionary work. They usually come back invigorated in their Christian walk with a new zeal to reach out to the unsaved in their own community. Many say that their outlook on life will never be the same.

Over the years, millions of gospel tracts have been included in the luggage of these "vacationers." Here are some of the resulting testimonies sent to Chick Publication:

I will be going to Mexico to work with a mission. I am taking several hundred Chick tracts with me. The Chick tracts are always very well received. I have been to this mission and to Mexico three times already, and I do not recall ever seeing a Chick tract thrown down.

 I went on a mission trip to Brazil and took This Was Your Life into a prison.  The moment we stepped in there I could feel the bitterness and hardness of their hearts.  I handed out the tracts and four of them got saved, one of them was a guard.
C. Helms

Yes! I remember I read some of this little booklets way back in 1987-1990. Some missionaries, or should I say, Christians, came to our place ( Philippines) and shared the Words of God to us. That`s how I became a Christian.
L Ranada

Through the grace of God and using your wonderful tracts, we led over 300 souls to Jesus last year in the prisons. However, last month we and 15 others took a missionary trip to Mexico for 10 days. We handed out almost 350 tracts in English and Spanish and saw many souls saved.
Pastor B.

Ever since I can remember, your saying has proved true to me: "Nobody can resist Chick tracts". From reading Somebody Loves Me when I was 4 years old 'til now, it would take a lot to tear me away from reading a new Chick tract. I am a 3rd generation missionary from Latin America. I`ve been impressed by the tremendous effectiveness of well-illustrated tracts in fascinating and teaching people—not just unbelievers, but Christians as well. As you can imagine, my family and I have worked with a lot of tracts, mostly the free but wordy ones, and we have found that while they are effective in some situations, there is no way they can compare to the captivating comic-style of Chick tracts.

Sometimes the language barrier makes direct witnessing difficult on the mission field. However, literature in their language can help bridge the gap. You may be going to help build a church building, dig a well or repair an orphanage facility. Your construction skills can often provide a lasting benefit to a mission compound.

Imagine, however, how much lasting spiritual benefit you would have if you traveled light and filled your luggage with gospel tracts. Chick Publications can supply tracts in over 100 languages, so you are covered almost anywhere you plan to go. See which  tracts are available in the languages you will need.

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