Sodomites Declare War on Boy Scouts

At a late November meeting, the City Council of Los Angeles voted 11-0 to cut all ties with the Boy Scouts of America declaring that it will no longer accommodate groups that discriminate against homosexuals and atheists. Under the new policy, the police department will be asked to scrap its Explorers unit and the Scouts will be charged a fee to use city parks for camping and other activities.

This is but the latest salvo in the war declared by the sodomites after the U.S Supreme Court ruled in July that the Scouts have the right to exclude homosexual scoutmasters. After the ruling, homosexual rights groups held nationwide protest rallies against the Boy Scouts in 36 cities and 21 states.

This war is being conducted on many fronts. Their intent is to use federal, state and local laws against discrimination to limit Boy Scout troupes' access to public funding and use of public facilities.

In June, President Clinton issued an executive order to all federal agencies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual "orientation" in "federally conducted education and training programs." As a result, the various federal agencies began examining any links with "homophobic" groups.

In one example, the Justice Department asked the Department of the Interior to report on any use of federal facilities by the Boy Scouts. This caused a storm of protest and the Department of Interior is still "developing guidelines" to "clarify its relationship" with the Scouts.

Also in question is the Scouts' use of military facilities such as Fort A. P. Hill where the National Jamboree is held each year.

Sodomites have opened other fronts in the war. Public school districts are being pressured to exclude Scouts from meeting in school buildings. Broward County Florida has banned them and Palm Beach and Dade counties are considering doing so. Other school districts in California, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York have expelled Scout troops.

Several South Florida municipalities, funding agencies and corporate sponsors have pulled a total of $400,000 of financial support. The South Florida BSA council expects to lose $1.5 million of their 2001 operating budget of $3.4 million.

United Way and a number of large corporations such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Levi Strauss, and Textron have caved in to the sodomite pressure and cut funding to the Scouts.

How did we get to this sorry state where a particular sin is considered a "civil right?" Precisely because we were too nice to call sin "sin!" We have let Hollywood, the news media, and our sodomite-laced bureaucracy change the definitions.

"Sodomy" became "homosexuality." Then some started calling it "gay." Then it was no longer a "sexual preference" but an inborn "orientation."

This changed it from a choice of behavior to a class of people on par with ethnicity, religion or marital status. From there it was a small step to protection against "discrimination."

What will be next? Will liars and thieves also march for protection against "discrimination?" You say, "No. Their damage to society is too obvious." Then should we not be loudly proclaiming how AIDS was unleashed on society by the sodomite community; how the violence and 50-odd other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) reduce the homosexuals' life span to around 40 years; and how sodomite teachers are 8 times more likely to become sexually involved with students than heterosexual ones?

Why, then, are we passing laws to protect this socially damaging sin?

Are there scout troops under fire in your community? Churches need to step up to the plate and support this venerable organization that has produced so many fine leaders for our society.

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