Soul Winners Excited About New Gospel Video-Because It Works!

Thousands of copies of THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD video have gone out since it was introduced in October. One lady called to tell us that her church showed the video to the congregation that included about 10 Roman Catholics. Four of them were saved after viewing the film. Another customer told us that he showed the video to a group of 10 to 13 year old youngsters and 2 came forward for salvation.

Other soul winners have written:

"I just received my copy of THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD and I have to say it was quite a message. Thank you so much and I am praying that God will use this message to win many souls to Him before He returns. What a message, what a tool, what a Savior. I have used your tracts for many years and I know that they are leaving tracks for the Lord."(R. B.)

"Since receiving the tape it has been passed through many hands at our church. One young man took it home and watched it with his grandpa. After the movie he was able to lead him to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our church has ordered more videos."(D.H., Email)

"D— E— sent me THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD video. When she told me about it over the phone I never imagined it to be so magnificent! The artist brought a deeper appreciation of what it took for him to become my substitute. Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth about the false doctrines that our nation has fallen so prey to and for such a wonderful witnessing tool." (C. D., Arizona)

These testimonies encourage us to continue developing the reach of this new soul-winning tool. It is now available in Spanish in both VHS and DVD. Ministries who send short-term groups into Mexico and other parts of Latin America are already using it.

Translation into Portuguese is complete and casting decisions are being made to choose the all-important voices for the narration. Recording will begin soon. Translators are already at work on Chinese (Mandarin language), French, and Italian and will soon begin on the Nepali version. Thai, Khmer (Cambodian), Mongolian and Tagalog are planned.

The video is now also available in PAL format, the television standard used by much of the world outside the Western Hemisphere. This opens the door to put it into many more languages.

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