"Story Guy" Uses Tracts for Sermons in Disguise

Michael Roehm likes to hand out Chick tracts. He also likes to tell stories. So, he combined the two. He has managed to get booked as a storyteller at picnics, charity events, town festivals and open mike opportunities at bars, coffeehouses, and restaurant family night events.

Taking the story line from one of the tracts, he gives a "sermon in disguise" and then gives copies of the tract to the audience.

"People who hated and bashed your tracts before have taken them after my performance (sermon)," he says. "I`m amazed at how changing the label can enhance or make a desire for something previously rejected."

He learned that, if he called himself a Bible believing storyteller instead of "preacher," many churches will invite him to "preach" Bible-based stories to children and youth groups, senior citizens, and sometimes whole congregations. After they hear the story, they always want the tract version.

Kids have started inviting "the story guy" to their birthday parties. The only fee he accepts is cake and ice cream and occasionally a free meal. The kids will often use the tract to tell the story to their friends later.

When he hands out the tracts after the story, he points out the Chick web site address on the back of the tracts where they can find more "stories."

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