Britain Moving Toward Outlawing Hate Speech

Criminal acts of revenge against local Muslims have prompted the British government to debate a toughening of their hate crime laws.

I Just Can't Believe It!

It's easy to see the change in people when they begin reading God's preserved words, the King James Bible

Harry Potter: 'Making Evil Look Innocent'

What are kids saying about Harry Potter?

Islamic Holy War Against More Than Just Israel

Yes, the world has changed! Suddenly, America joins the host of countries where war is on their own soil.

Chick Mail Bag Nov-2001

He found "The Beast" lying on the sidewalk while walking to the liquor store. He sat right down and read it.

New Video Exposes Virgin Mary Goddess Fraud

It is estimated that there are at least 300 places around the world where it is claimed that the Virgin Mary is appearing.

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2001

Large number of Muslims and Catholics in our compound. They read these over and over!

Americans Suddenly More Interested in Religion

In the first poll on religion since the September 11 terror attacks, the Gallup organization found that there was a significant increase in religious interest in the U.S.

"Story Guy" Uses Tracts for Sermons in Disguise

Michael Roehm likes to hand out Chick tracts. He also likes to tell stories. So, he combined the two.

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