Study Indicates Homosexual Acts Shorten Lifespan

A new study by the Family Research Institute adds strong new evidence that homosexual acts lead to morbid sicknesses and early death.

Careful sifting of evidence from four separate databases support the conclusion that homosexual activities may shorten the person`s lifespan by as much as 30 years.

Obituaries in the homosexual press along with data from two large, random sexuality surveys and a comparison of tests on IV drug users and homosexuals were used. In each case, median age of death was less than 50 years for those involved in homosexuality.

One of the studies was done in Colorado and indicated that homosexuals and IV drug users are 10 times as likely to die before age 65 than the rest of the state population.

This recent study confirms evidence published by FRI in 1993. There, 6,714 obituaries from 16 U. S. homosexual journals over a 12 year span were compared to a large sampling of regular newspaper obituaries.

Median age of death for the homosexuals was less than 45, with only 2 percent surviving past 65, while the median age for the regular population was over 70 with more than 60 percent living past 65.

Causes of early death included murder, accidents and drug abuse, but primarily sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Homosexuals were 116 times more apt to be murdered, 24 times more likely to commit suicide, 18 times more apt to die in traffic accidents.

Before the "sexual revolution," only a few STDs were even identified.

Now, AIDS is only one of more that three dozen STDs commonly seen in medical centers in the larger cities.

People addicted to both homosexual and heterosexual promiscuity now travel the world to find new thrills. They return with not only AIDS, but virulent forms of hepatitis and TB, intestinal parasites, and other diseases transmitted by the exchange of blood and other body fluids.

God`s requirement of monogamous heterosexuality contains great protection against spread of disease. Sex was designed as an expression of love between a man and woman committed to each other for life.

Using sex to chase an ever growing appetite for greater thrills creates frustrations often expressed in violence. Such a struggle for satisfaction leads to abuse of the body, breaking down its normal defenses against disease.

Today there is great national concern over the effects of tobacco. Smoking only shortens life expectancy by a few years, but we discourage it by laws and high taxes.

Yet we pass laws to protect homosexual partnerships and practices and ignore the data showing the much greater medical and social risk.

God`s way is always best. As soul winners, we must bear witness to this truth every way possible.

Further information on these studies can be obtained from Family Research Institute, P. O. box 62640, Colorado Springs, CO 80962.

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