Testimony From Missionary Anthony Reitberg

By Anthony Rietberg, Missionary to Thailand

I'd like to extend my personal thanks and gratitude for all the free tracts you've given us over the years. I've now been in Thailand for 15 years. As far as I am aware, I am one of only two street preachers in the whole country who preach from the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible.

Back in 2003 an evangelist here called Brother Tony told me about thousands of Chick tracts called The Tycoon in the Thai tongue, that had been donated to some Baptists here, but they hid them under the stairs of the house fearing persecution.

But Praise God, the Lord had me accidently run into a young man in a Bible bookstore who knew who had the tracts, as we did not know his phone number or address. We got in contact with the missionary and received all the tracts and for months preached the Gospel at big bus stops around Bangkok whilst giving out those blessed tracts.

Back around 2005 or 2006, someone donated a heap of VCDs to Chiang Mai Thailand called The Light of The World in Thai. Thousands of them were donated. But, they fell into the hands of a certain fearful Thai Pastor who said the VCDs could not be distributed as it is illegal in Thailand to refer to a Buddhist statue as an idol. He feared they would offend Buddhists, so he stowed the VCDs away with a plan to burn them.

But, a certain missionary from America in Chiang Mai rescued them. And so over the course of time, we were blessed with these VCDs of The Light of the World, which we used in the ministry of the Word! And at the time I was working as a science teacher (on a nursing degree) at a couple of different schools, and would show the VCD to my students, and I have many testimonies to tell of students getting saved after watching The Light of the World in the Thai tongue.

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