The Best Retirement 'Investment'

Retirees Dale and Sue Detro found a way to make their "golden years" truly productive —for eternity. They lived at the beginning of the surge of retirees now being swelled by millions of "baby boomers."

Like those millions, Dale was looking for a way to fruitfully "invest" his remaining years, rather than just "spend" them in futile idleness. Fortunately, they were attending a Bible-believing church and caught a vision of furthering the gospel.

Burdened for their rural community in Indiana, they devised a plan to seed it with gospel tracts. At Walmart, they purchased some small card display racks and filled them with a few Chick tracts. They visited some local service stations, mini-marts, fast food outlets and other stores and persuaded the managers to let them place the racks in a prominent place, preferably by the cash registers.

With the "FREE —TAKE ONE" sign on the racks, they soon were empty.

Starting with a half dozen racks, they returned every week to refill them. Other church members caught the vision and soon about 50 racks were out. Purchasing the tracts put a strain on Dale and Sue`s budget, so the church dedicated the Wednesday night offering to the project.

After several years, they and their helpers have funneled over half a million Chick tracts into a three-county area. Eventually, it got to the point where, if you tried to hand a tract to someone in the community, they would respond that they already had one or would request a different title because they had already read that one.

The congregation so caught the vision, that the members became more bold to witness and began to fund tracts for the foreign missionaries they supported. They also began supplying Spanish language tracts to a local Hispanic ministry.

Dale and Sue`s retirement project was so successful in saturating a whole community with the gospel that Chick Publications picked up the story and published it in a mini-book called Little Is Much When God Is In It

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