The 'Twin Towers' of the Vatican

All false religions have to have props to focus their rituals. Roman Catholicism is no different. Their centerpiece is the wafer god, the "Eucharist." The popes declare that ordained priests can hocus-pocus a simple wheat wafer into the actual "body, blood and divinity" of Jesus Christ. Faithful Catholics apparently just close their eyes (and suspend their reason) and "swallow" this bite of magic.

Next to the wafer is the Virgin Mary goddess. By another imposition on the gullibility of the unthinking, the humble maiden chosen by the Holy Spirit to bring Jesus` body to birth, has been transformed into an enduring pagan goddess born without sin, excused from death, (and purgatory), and able to twist Jesus` arm to get forgiveness for the faithful.

Legends are essential to the promotion of such deception. The dream of Don Bosco, founder of the Salesian Society, anchors one of these legends. In 1862, Bosco described "seeing" the Vatican ship of state plowing a hostile sea surrounded by attackers. The battle was not going well for the pope as he manned the helm. In fact, one pope was killed in the fray and was immediately replaced by another.

Standing on a point of land, Bosco watched the Pope`s flagship succeed in tying up between two towers standing in the ocean. Immediately the damage to the ship was healed and the attacking vessels began to disintegrate. Smaller vessels that had attempted to defend the pope`s ship, also tie up to the towers and the sea becomes calm.

Atop one of the towers stood a symbol of the Eucharist and on the other, a statue of the Virgin Mary goddess. This dream has become a pivotal story in the Vatican`s defense of the two central paganisms of Roman Catholicism.

It also illustrates a foundational truth about this prostitute "church" that exercises spiritual bondage over more than a billion deceived souls: Without the power of these two idols, Rome`s deception would be gutted.

And how astounding is that deception! With a forked tongue, Catholicism claims to be founded on the Bible, yet, their "Magisterium" has done exactly what Jesus accused the Pharisees of, that they had "made the commandment of God of none effect" with their tradition. (See Matt. 15:6.) For centuries, popes fought with sword and torch to keep the Bible away from their people. Now they have succeeded in revising the Bible to instill universal doubt in its reliability. Thus, men turn again to the priests for final authority.*

If Catholics were convinced that they had truth in their Bible, they would read it and realize that their "church" was conning them into bondage to baptized paganism and sending them over the precipice into hell.

To swallow the idea that a simple chip of wheat bread can magically become the actual body of the Son of God defies all logic and smacks of cannibalism. To claim that the humble virgin mother of Jesus can hear millions of prayers all at once from all over the globe and plead each case before the throne of God, is equally astounding. This elevation of her to goddess level elbows Jesus, the true, divine, Advocate Redeemer, aside —the ultimate of brazen blasphemy.

In the new tract, Twin Towers, Jack Chick attempts to rescue the precious souls who were either born into this deception or have bought into it for whatever reason. The tract shows that the only way is for Rome`s captives to "come out" of the pope`s idolatry and trust Jesus, alone, for salvation.

*See, Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible? by David W. Daniels, available from Chick Publications.

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