Buddha's Sacred Tooth Makes State Visit to Taiwan

Americans enamored with eastern religions would do well to study carefully their bondage of superstition.

Cathedral Fire Exposed Catholic Paganism

During the recent Notre Dame fire, a fire chaplain organized a human chain to brave the fire and rescue relics from the flames so the faithful could continue to worship them. This is pagan.

Catholic Priestcraft Rooted in Babylonian Idolatry

One of the striking characteristics of Roman Catholicism is that it contains a complete sacerdotal (priest based) system not supported by Scripture.

Even Popes Have Trouble Becoming Saints

Why is it so hard to become a Roman Catholic "saint"?

False Forgiveness from a Woodshed

Roman Catholic sinners are not encouraged to confess directly to God for forgiveness. This false church has made sure that their people cannot so easily escape their tight system of spiritual bondage.

Feast Showcases Catholic Trust in Mary Idol

Early each December there is a special fiesta time in the Western Hemisphere designed to re-cement the Roman Catholic's trust in their "Goddess of the Americas."

Fifth Marian 'Dogma' Pushes Jesus Further Aside

Ardent devotees to this goddess are now lobbying to replace Jesus with Mary, "the co-redemptrix, mediatrix of all graces, and advocate."

Four Little Words

We all have heard of the inquisition and how so many were burned at the stake. But what was the issue which was used to decide whether someone lived or died?

If It's Not Gluten, It's Not Jesus

Ritual religions such as Roman Catholicism often create bizarre situations not encountered by Bible believers.

Is This Worship?

In a grotesque effort to sidestep God's hatred for their idolatry, Roman Catholic Theologians prefer a twisted version of the Ten Commandments.

It's All About Ecumenism

The following news items have recently appeared in several sources, chronicling the accelerating advance of ecumenism, the drive to unity needed to establish the end-time, apostate, world church.

Jesus Wafer Auctioned On Ebay; Priests Horrified

One seller, in Britain, received bids in the millions of pounds before the listing was removed.

Luke 1:28 Twisted To Favor Virgin Mary

How a simple Bible word change thrust Mary into the limelight... a goddess in her own right.

Millions Deceived by Crying Statues and a 'Lady of Light'

Steady stream of visitors to this shrine to Mary hope for a miracle.

Millions Worship 'Patroness of the Americas' on December 12

On December 12, some 2 million pilgrims trekked to the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

New Relic Rules For An Old Idolatry

The Vatican recently updated its rules regulating the use of relics for potential saints. This 'saint' worship can be traced to the heathen practice of multiple gods for various purposes.

Pope Declares 'Year of the Eucharist' — Grants Indulgences

Pope John Paul II has declared a formal "Year of the Eucharist" from October 2004 to October 2005.

Pope Moves to Protect the Catholic 'Jesus' Idol

Vatican officials have issued new guidelines for the performance of the Catholic Mass, centerpiece of the ritual of their liturgy.

Pope Prays Before Catholic Super-Relic

Roman Catholic relics transfer trust from Jesus alone to this false 'church' and its system of salvation by works.

Pope Promotes 24-hour Worship of Wafer God

In his Redemptor Hominis encyclical (special letter to all the church) he urges the church leaders to make adoration of the wafer the center of church life.

Priest's Heart Visits U.S. for Relic Worship

In October this year, the actual heart of a 19th century French priest was brought to the U.S. for a worship service.

Soaked Eucharist Grows 'Heart Tissue'

This current example of Catholic superstition and idolatry perfectly illustrates the pagan nature of the Roman Catholic Institution.

Tara Lapinski's Other Medal

World champion figure skater Tara Lapinski shows her Olympic gold medal while wearing a second medal honoring St. Terese.

The 'Twin Towers' of the Vatican

The two central teachings in which the Roman Catholic Church finds "safety" and keeps its grip on millions.

Virgin Mary Goddess Again Elevated by Pope Frances

Can Catholicism be 'just another denomination' when it encourages Roman Catholics to go to the 'Virgin Mary' for favors instead of Jesus?

Wafer Worship 'Sweeping the Country'

According to the June 16, 1999 issue of the Roman Catholic weekly Our Sunday Visitor, "Eucharistic Adoration" —“prayer and meditation before the "Blessed Sacrament"— is sweeping the country."

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Catholics are given two more advocates to pray to... instead of Jesus.