Toy Stores Pushing Voodoo

With the rise in occult groups comes a general increase in experimentation with satanic things.  Toys R Us is now selling a collection of voodoo dolls.  Their web site markets four to choose from: Uchawi, Baka, Kennis  and Ezili. They are described as: "...horrifying yet irresistible plush voodoo dolls complete with everything you will need to practice voodoo, create spells, summon spirits."  Each comes with an accessory bag containing trinkets, binding twine, chicken feet and mojo bones, a spell book and pins. 

The Voodooz brand joins other occult items that Toys R Us has carried for a long time: ouija boards, D&D and violent video games laced with devil themes.  The Voodooz dolls are produced by Mezco Toys who specialize in the macabre.  A visit to their web site finds Hellboy comics (also sold by Toys R Us) and Living Dead and Edward Scissorhands dolls.

Satan is making a major play for our children in his "culture war" against all things decent and biblical.  We must arm our young people with a thorough knowledge of biblical truth so they will recognize and resist Satan`s wiles.  Parents who fed their growing youngsters the strong biblical message in Chick literature tell us that it helped them became stalwart believers when they grew up.  Most of the tracts are written in simple terms that the early child can understand

We must inoculate our youngsters against Satan`s barrage.  Parents will find that Chick Publications literature is a real help for their own kids as well as those in the neighborhood.