Tract Fellowship Expanding to Include Gospel Video

Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship (AGTF) is continuing to expand its ability to finance gospel outreaches. Contributors from 40 states have enabled them to help missionaries in over 40 countries. AGTF has now taken on the sponsorship of translations of the Chick Gospel video, The Light of the World. Funds have been donated for French, Nepali, Cambodian, Swahili and Hebrew. Requests have come in for several other languages.

AGTF is continuing to expand its assistance to missionaries both here and abroad. One is Tom Gaudet, Missionary to Asia, who has asked for tracts and translations of the video in Thai, and Vietnamese. Gaudet had used hundreds of thousands of gospel tracts in previous outreaches in Southeast Asia.

AGTF is headed up by Paul Karmin and is based out of Breezy Hill Baptist Church in Graniteville, South Carolina. Karmin says that the church has really caught the vision of spreading the gospel by tracts and video. They are using them in street outreaches and their bus ministry. Tracts are given freely to the kids that are picked up by the busses and brought to Sunday school. Rowdyness on the busses is diminished while the kids are absorbed in the tracts. Plus, the tracts go home as a strong witness to the parents.

AGTF is sending a letter to all the missionaries who are supported by the Breezy Hill church offering to purchase tracts in the language of their mission field. As the Light of the World video becomes available in their languages, it will also be supplied to them.

One missionary couple just completed a survey trip to Tanzania, preparing to move there soon. They took 3000 Swahili Chick tracts with them. "This is wonderful, but it's not enough," the local missionary said. They soon found out what he meant when 2000 copies were gone in about 2 hours. "I was in awe as I watched groups of people sitting down, sometimes in the middle of the road, to read and exchange with each other this new treasure that had been given to them."

AGTF is also furnishing tracts and films in several languages to a chaplaincy that visits sailors on freighter ships while they are unloading cargo in the US ports. They go and wait in the ship's cafeteria for the crew to come down on break time or for meals. There they give them tracts and show gospel films in their language. The sailors are usually lonely and often open to the gospel. Many are from countries that are closed to the gospel and are hungry to know about America's freedoms and freedom in Christ. They welcome the films and tracts to replace the porn and violence from the ship's library.

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