Tract Passing Tips

I'm 75 years old and so far I've passed out 1050 tracts. I go to places most Christians won't go; bars and casinos. One bartender wouldn't let me give tracts out, but let me leave a stack on the bar that people could take if they chose to. I leave Party Girl, Happy Hour and Back From The Dead.
J.C., Abilene, TX

Our local zoo recently had a Great Ape exhibit and a reception to celebrate. As people were walking away from the exhibit, I said "Here's some monkey information," and handed them a copy of Big Daddy? They all seemed excited to receive it and no one I saw was angry when they realized it was a Christian tract. I saw several people reading them very carefully.
Z.B., Grand Rapids, MI

Gently fold a Sissy tract in half and slip it into the driver side door latch of semi-tractors. It will fit nicely into most door latches. Please pray for us... there are 6 million U.S. truckers and 4 million Canadian truckers.
J.G., Appleton, WI

My husband and I go browsing in book stores and often slip tracts inside books before returning them to the shelf.
J.Y., Medina, OH

Every Sunday the pastor inserts a different Chick tract in the bulletin. He announces that for first time visitors it is a gift. For members their mission is to give the tract to someone during the week. It got people started thinking about giving out tracts on a regular basis.

When servicing the Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) I leave one tract on the counter at each machine we service. I have my phone number and e-mail address on the back in case anyone has questions about the teaching of Christ. Your hard hitting, very candid publications have brought more to quest after the truth than any church service ever did.
M.G., Amarillo, TX

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