It Won’t Be That Hard to Get People to Accept the Mark of the Beast

By David W. Daniels

• • •

People say they wouldn't take a mark that prohibits them from buying or selling without it. But people are prohibited in places from entering stores without a mask right now.

And the mask isn't the mark.

However, it shows human compliance, if they feel the cause is reasonable, or if they fear what will happen by the government if they don't, or if they are fearful of something deadly.

The mark of the beast may also look like the answer to the world's problems:

  • It identifies the wearer.
  • It could be trackable.
  • It unifies the people.
  • It solves stealing money or stealing a person's identity.
  • It makes one big economic system.

That's why so many are already for it. And it explains why so many would gladly take it today, if it were offered. People might even flock to get it, like an app on their smartphones.

Many years ago, I knew Mrs. Kahan. Her mom and whole family lived in Poland.

One day they were all told by army people to get into a train railroad car, "For their own good."

Mrs. Kahan was then just 18. While they were on the way, her mother pushed her out of the window. She heard what the Germans were saying. But in her heart, she knew no one on that railroad car would return alive.

When she pushed her daughter out of the window, she saved her daughter's life. And eventually she was able to escape to the United States after the war.

So when you read a futuristic tract like "The Beast", don't think of it as something that requires an act of God to get everyone to fall into lockstep with the Beast and false prophet.

If people will easily wear a mask now for fear of a virus, how easily will they accept the mark so they can get food?

This tract could help awaken people you love to the truth. God prophesied it 1,900 years ago. And we are barreling toward one world government.

God wants us to be under His government. Those who place their faith in Christ, will have Christ as their King and their Friend.

This Bible prophecy tract hits hard. Accept Christ or face a time of trouble like the world has never seen.

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