Pope Is All in on Social Justice

Pope Francis in Armenia
June 25, 2016: Pope Francis visits Armenia where he was greeted at the airport by President Serge Sarkisian.


The Pope's unbiblical agenda was on unusually bright display in his recent visit to a Catholic University in Portugal. Keying in on their youthful ambitions, he did not challenge the students to obey the Great Commission but urged them to enlist in his one-world Marxist agenda.

Newsmax reports:

“Pope Francis challenged the university students on Thursday to make the world a more just and inclusive place.”

And how were they to go about that? They were to:

“...use their privilege to combat global warming and economic inequalities. An academic degree should not be seen merely as a license to pursue personal well-being, but as a mandate to work for a more just and inclusive —that is, truly progressive— society,” he said.

When we unpack these buzzwords, the agenda emerges.

In the Old Testament, God said that he would create disruption of the weather when God's people strayed from His worship (see 1 Kings 8:35-37 & Deut. 11:13-17). The world today is choosing to blame modern industry instead of considering it as God's judgment.

If Satan can convince people that it is their own fault, he can persuade them to shut down the prosperity that we have enjoyed and kill lots of people by starvation.

The Pope's promotion of a “just” society is rooted in the Marxist concept of the oppressed and the oppressors. This concept is designed to create animosity between groups in the culture, hoping to create chaos and a revolution.

In communist socialism this is the bourgeois (ruling-class) versus proletariat (working-class).

In America this is racial—white privilege against oppressed people of color. If this can be used to create enough chaos worldwide then the people will clamor for order which will be gladly supplied by the Antichrist.

“Inclusivity” is also part of the plan to create chaos. This is the word that the homosexual steamroller uses for fuel. It has bulldozed itself into critical lists of people protected against “discrimination.” In this way, sin has been enshrined as a privileged position in both government and industry.

These quotes from Francis’ speech to the students clearly show that he has come out very strongly on the side of one-world government. And in this Pope, we see Satan’s perfect blending of both one-world government and one-world religion agendas.

Before he was Pope Francis, he was Jorge Bergoglio, a Jesuit Archbishop in Latin America. There we have a mixed record of his involvement with the Catholic Marxist movement of “liberation theology.”

If the Pope was truly a biblical Christian, he would certainly use his bully pulpit against the worldwide evil of Marxist socialism. Marxism's daughter, socialism, is rapidly emerging worldwide as a candidate for the political platform of the final one-world system spoken of in scripture.

On the religion side, it has been obvious since the Ecumenical Council in the middle of the last century that the papacy is a champion of the coming one-world religion. Even most of the evangelical and main line Protestants are no longer “protesting” Rome’s unbiblical idolatry.

Excerpt from "Still No Revival"

Francis has spent much of his travel time visiting world religious leaders to promote "friendship" and "respect" between men and women of different religious traditions.

On the official Vatican website, there is a calendar feature that shows all past and upcoming events that Pope Francis will be attending. Our search found dozens of documents recording meetings of the pope with the leaders of the world’s religions.

Vatican Website Screenshot Official website of the "Holy" See

It is amazing how Jack Chick saw this coming and recorded it clearly in his group of end time tracts. But he was a student of the scriptures where it is clearly laid out. And he saw clearly that Roman Catholicism was the religious seat of the Antichrist.

• • • • • •

• • • • • •

Now the framework of this one-world system is shaping up.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:14:

“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

With today’s travel and communications technology, there is not a major language group on the earth that does not have the Bible in their language. Only the small groups are now being worked on.

All this evidence suggests that the opportunities to get the gospel out may be diminishing. We need to seed as many Chick tracts into our communities as possible while we have time.

And when you do seed these little "paper preachers" into your community, and the world, you can do it with all confidence because Chick tracts GET READ!

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