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Chick Gospel Tracts.

Chick Publications has two types of customers. The first is a person who buys Chick tracts to keep as a collector’s item. We’ve seen sellers on eBay selling individual tracts for well over $100 dollars! This type of person has an admiration for the art and character of the tracts but has no regard for the things of God.

The second type of customer is one who has a passion to spread the good news of the gospel and who has a vision of the sense of urgency of Christ’s Great Commission. They will order a quantity, looking to receive the largest number of copies for the money they have to spend. When the tracts are gone, they will reorder to replenish their supply.

We are grateful for everyone who buys and reads the gospel.


Printing Press

The Lord has enabled us to have high-speed, high-volume printing equipment to satisfy the needs of those that can use the tracts in large quantities to reach their communities for Christ. That is our primary focus when we make decisions about our printing procedures.

This high-volume printing helps keep the cost down per tract, but it limits our ability to keep ALL of the tract titles printed and in stock. In order to get the maximum cost savings of such high-speed production, the minimum press run has to be at least 10,000 copies of a single title.

Most of the cost of printing tracts occurs before acceptable copies begin to come off the press. That includes purchase of the equipment, printing plates, software and graphic design work, floor space rent, utilities, labor, taxes, etc.

If less than 10,000 copies are printed, all of that expense has to be included in the sales price of fewer tracts. This would make them much more expensive than most people would want to pay and is why we have a high minimum of 10,000 copies and not something smaller like 1,000 copies per title.


Tract Case Discount

One of the great benefits of this printing arrangement is the fact that we can deeply discount large quantities. If the tracts come right off the press and go into a shipping box and out the door, there is little cost in storage and handling. Therefore, those savings can be passed on to customers.

Another factor in pricing the tracts has to do with storage time in our warehouse. If we make a print run of 10,000 tracts and only sell a few of them right away, we must store the remaining copies in an expensive warehouse. That is another reason that small quantities and single copies are much more expensive.

Let's think about this: the gospel is intended to be laid out in plain sight for all the world to see. We should get it out there where everybody can read and understand it. That is what it means when the Great Commission says:

“...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

Chick gospel tracts contain the good news and are a proven method of “preaching” that “everlasting gospel” for pennies per person. God has given Chick Publications the blessing of producing 24-page, illustrated booklets for nearly the price of wordy leaflet tracts if ordered in higher quantities. Chick tracts are effective because the cartoon drawings get the reader’s attention.

And when you do seed these little "paper preachers" into your community, and the world, you can do it with all confidence because Chick tracts GET READ!


There are many ways to increase the number of tracts that one is able to distribute. Anyone with a burden for souls and the vision for reaching them with tracts should frequently remind their church leadership how effective tracts are in carrying out the Great Commission by saturating a community with a no-nonsense gospel tract.

Most churches have the resources to budget $118 to take advantage of our 37% discount for tract cases (1,000 tracts of a single title). Many churches could easily budget $1,000 for a press run of 10,000 copies with the church’s information on the back cover.

Custom printings receive a 50% discount and one of our team members will design the back cover for you with the information you provide. So, each tract is like a little advertisement for your church while also delivering the gospel message to the reader.

Dedicated soul winners have been very creative in finding ways to distribute sizable quantities of tracts. Dale Detro, a retired Christian from Indiana, got his church’s information printed on the back of Chick tracts and put fifty FREE-TAKE-ONE plastic display racks into stores around his area.

Plastic Display Rack with Chick Tracts

Each week team members would replenish the tracts in those racks. In five years, they managed to distribute 500,000 tracts in their 3-county area. Ultimately, when they tried to offer a tract to someone on the street, the person would ask if they had a different one because they had already read that one.

Another man put a team together in Louisiana and they visited the bus stops in the local Metroplex. They have logged over 300 people who prayed with them for salvation and handed out over 100,000 tracts.

One couple reported to us that over 15,000 households were reached within their local neighborhood by putting tracts into small zip lock bags and tossing them onto driveways or leaving them under mailboxes:

Testimony from Clint & Wendy

"Our family set a goal to share the gospel with every home in our neighborhood. We put tracts in driveways and under mailboxes. We have left them on benches, at playgrounds, and along sidewalks. We have put them in care packages with toiletries and food for the homeless. We put them inside 4x6 zipper bags to protect them from moisture and dirt.

"In 2023, we have shared the gospel with 15,377 households in the last year. If each household has an average of three people, that is the potential to reach over 45,000 people. Imagine if every church had 10-20 members who did the same. How many people could these churches reach in their areas?"


Since Jack Chick drew his first tract in 1961, over 270 titles have been published in 140 foreign languages. Chick Publications has been able to mail out more than one billion tracts worldwide since our founding. Missionaries in over 60 countries currently use Chick tracts.

Many soul winners have seen how easy it is to share their Great Commission vision with other believers and build a team that will have a major impact on their community.

Our desire is that you will know how our product discounts are set up so that you can take advantage of these discounts and get the most gospel out as you can for the money you have available to invest in the Kingdom!

God bless you all!

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