One Man Tells How He Met the Mission Field Coming to Us… with Chick Tracts!

Juarez Mexico Border

Below is a testimony sent to us by Austin, who was responding to the recent Battle Cry article we sent about the mission field that is coming our way. He shared some exciting witnessing opportunities:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for bringing to the attention of Chick Battle Cry readers, the mission field thrown right into our faces! Now, what are we going to do about it! Will we miss the blessings?

Just maybe this “mass invasion” of immigrants is to see souls saved. We know the heart of God and what He wants. ("For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." Luke 19:10).

Will us believers in America be found faithful, diligent and with our lamps burning?

The question was brought up in the article how can the tracts be brought or the Gospel be brought to the Immigrants?


After and with ongoing prayer, the Lord laid on my heart to go to New York City back in November 2023 with a mini mission trip. Having grown up in NYC, familiar with the area, I was excited to return this time, but on a spiritual mission.

Planning was fairly easy to find out where the immigrants were staying as an online search revealed hotels and residences where they were. My mother was still residing in Queens NY, so I decided to stay with her.

Prior to the trip I stocked up on Chick Tracts. Taking along the English ones I already had, I bought 3 languages, Spanish, French (many from Senegal) and Russian (many immigrants from Russia and surrounding countries that spoke Russian).


After my plane landed, a short 15 minute walk took me, backpack and valise full of Chick tracts, to my first stop the Lord had for me. Speaking some Spanish helped me out; thank-you Lord for having me learn it!

There was a hotel my first stop right from the airport and though I was not allowed inside the building (National Guard and needing to sign in at the front as an immigrant) there was an abundant amount of people outside coming and going!

After about a half hour talking with people, the school buses came! Many kids of all ages specially for the immigrants, and their parents came out of the hotel to pick them up. There were also many city-provided scooters where people were coming/going, working, delivering.

Not one immigrant the whole time I was there declined a tract! Many were thirsty for what I had to say, and the TRACTS WERE RIGHT ON!! I have not had this much “success” in getting the Gospel into people’s hands or talking with them —getting to know some of them, in a long, long time in this country. Many stories.


More opportunities came during my time there outside of a mental institute that was turned into an immigrant housing center for young men. “Gomez is Coming” tracts were great here! “Gangs” were hanging outside by the iron bar fences, of people from different countries. Praying, I approached them all, speaking with them about the many adventures they had been on to get where they were.

It made such an impression, police across the street thanked me for what I was doing as they too happily took tracts and listened to the Gospel of what Jesus did! Pray for the NYPD.

More opportunities came outside other hotels closed off for the immigrants as people where coming/going, even certain times when they would leave looking for work or coming home.

I believe many came to know the One True God thru the Lord’s prompting on my heart to go on this mini mission trip from Florida. Many were shocked to hear I came up from Florida to tell them about Jesus and wanted to know more.

It was great opening the eyes of those from Roman Catholic backgrounds. And a large amount of kids took the Chick tracts geared for young people in Spanish, it was great watching people read them, then come to talk.

Thank you and your ministry. May The Lord Bless the Seeds Planted, others Go out to Water and Sow, and Souls to get saved —Glory to God (Gal 1:24).


Florida, USA

• • • • • •

If you have found an effective way to get the gospel into the hands of these precious people that God has brought to our doorstep, please share it with us and we will help equip others with the information.

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