Today The World is Full of ‘Drifters’

The dictionary says that a drifter is someone who wanders or moves about aimlessly, without a specific purpose or direction.

This accurately describes a lot of people who have left the church at some point in their lifetime. We say that “they have drifted away.”

Jesus said that these are the ones who received the gospel willingly, but the cares of this life and the deceitfulness of riches got in their way, and they lost fellowship. Often, they will relate some uncomfortable incident and they blamed God and walked away.

But the Holy Spirit has not given up on them. Some event reminds them of the peace and joy that they once had. Sometimes that event is a gospel tract handed to them or kept in their stuff over the years.

Or, the Lord could be tugging at their heart because of a simple prayer by a child, like in the story that Jack Chick used for the tract, “Bed Time.”

Below are two testimonies we received from a “drifter” who were guided back to the Lord with the help of a Chick tract:

"I first saw these tracts as a kid in the laundry mat. I left Christianity 35 years ago due to personal differences. 20 years ago, I became a pagan/Wiccan.

"I came across this site ( a few months ago due to my roommate telling me about it and laughing in a negative way. I read 'This was Your Life' which I'd seen as a kid.

"I saved all the tracts. I kept coming back to this one and it got me scared about hell. It affected me so much that I left Wicca behind and converted to Christianity. I am now a born-again Christian.

"Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for these tracts and this site! I at first laughed at the tracts, but no longer.

"Keep up the great work. You mean a lot to me!"

“Back in 1989 at the Mardi Gras I was 24 and living a life of debauchery and danger. At midnight on Bourbon Street, I recall seeing the teeming crowd suddenly part right down the middle. I saw a little boy who was leading a group of men and they were all carrying banners in one hand and their other hand being on the shoulder of the person in front of them.

“Despite my intoxicated daze I’ll never forget the deep, stabbing conviction I felt when they approached me and a boy handed me a tract. It was ‘This Was Your Life!’

“I didn’t have to read it; I remembered it well, having enjoyed reading many Chick comic tracts when I was in elementary school. I couldn’t even look at it. The message was loud and clear.

“Later that year I was brought through a series of devastating circumstances that culminated in my coming to Christ. That tract was an early ‘warning shot’. Judgment was on its way.

“I thank God that His mercy triumphs over judgment.”

• • • • • •

Are there any local festivals or parades coming near year? Those types of events are great for evangelism because of the large concentration of people. Many tracts can be distributed in a short amount of time.

Or perhaps you know of a laundry mat near you where you could place a tract that might redirect some “drifter” back to Jesus and God’s path of peace and hope?

People love to receive and read Chick cartoon tracts. Each one contains a simple gospel presentation and a call to receive Jesus at the end!


A miracle happened sometime during 2021: we sold our billionth tract!

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