Has God Only Preserved A Bible For English Speakers?

Excerpted from "Answers To Your Bible Version Questions"

Question: What about other languages? Has God only preserved a Bible for the English speaking peoples?

Answer: God has preserved His words through the broad flow of history in certain specific languages: Hebrew, Greek, Old Latin and English. Other languages have the blessed opportunity to follow what God has revealed and translate it into their languages.

People today say, "How dare you King James-only people! You just want to force people to translate the KJV into other languages!" But look at the NIV: That perversion is being translated all over the world, and it is STILL the NIV! The NVI in Spanish, for example, is not very different at all from the NIV. The Dutch, French and other versions are still NIVs! And the NIV is most definitely an English Bible.

So the question is not "Shall we translate the Bible from English into other languages?" The question is "Which Bible shall we use to translate God's words into the various languages of the world?" I know the King James Bible is God's preserved words in English. So my choice is made. May God help the translators of the world to use God's words, and not a perversion that will only bring them into judgment before our Almighty God.

May God bless you as you read and trust His words in English, the King James Bible.

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