Arab-Israeli Negotiations Fail, but Pope has a 'Solution'

The Camp David negotiations between Israel and the Arabs is over without any progress toward peace.

As Israel and the PLO Negotiate, The Pope Makes His Bid for Jerusalem

For a diplomatic figure to stand up in Jerusalem and declare Israel's occupation of that city to be "illegal" is hardly newsworthy today.

Jerusalem, God's Barometer, is Reading 'Storm'

Many who believe that Jerusalem is the barometer of biblical prophecy are watching with increased fascination.

Jesus was a Palestinian?

"Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus." Hundreds of such distortions and lies were found in a five-year study of 28 of the most widely used social studies textbooks in U.S. public schools.

'Mr. President, What Shall We Do With Jerusalem?'

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New EU President Touts 'Global Governance'

World leaders are calling for the world government predicted by the Bible. Just days later, they demanded that Israel give up Jerusalem. Time is running out for the world.

Pope Proposes World Political Authority' with 'Real Teeth'

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Pope Still Eyeing Jerusalem

As mankind continues to fight over the plight of Jerusalem, God has promised He will have the last word.

Pressure on Israel Rising over Jerusalem

Here is why world leaders are trying to get Israel to give up Jerusalem.

Who Really Owns Jerusalem?

One of the objectives of the presidency of George W. Bush is to have an agreement for a Palestinian State in place by the end of his term.