Who's In Charge of the Bible?

Since the Catholic Church claims to have given the world the Bible, Pope Francis has felt free to suggest some changes to the Lord's Prayer he feels will 'improve' it.

Anxious Young People

We were all created with a God-shaped vacuum. But when God is removed from our culture, the result has been a generation with record anxiety and suicide rates.

Malawi Church Started With A Chick Tract

Missionary Rai Paparatti describes how Chick tracts helped him start a small church in Malawi.

I Wanted Them To Have The Same Joy

Chad Bernik tells how Chick tracts helped shape his life.

God Sees The Seed We Plant

You never know where your Chick tracts may end up. Sometimes the results are surprising!

A Personal Message From David Daniels - January 2018

Did the Catholic Church give us the Bible? Can the pope really change it if he wants to?

100 Years -- 100 Million Dead Under Marxism

The connection between Marxism and evolution.

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