A Message From Jack Chick

Dear Ones in Christ,

Today, the King James Bible is viewed with the utmost contempt by high profile TV and radio preachers — and by many pastors. They seem embarrassed if they go against the popular new versions sweeping through our dead churches. Great preachers in the past like Spurgeon, Finney, Moody and other men of God would be utterly stunned to see what has happened to the respect and honor of God's precious words.

Back in the 1970s, a man came to my office who was saved out of the dark world of the occult. He told me that the Bible issue would be the biggest issue Christians would face in the end of the 20th century. At that time, I didn't even realize it was an issue. He told me that nothing in the occult world was more hated than our King James Bible.

Again, in the early 1980s, Dr. Rivera told me how the Vatican has spent billions to change the thinking of Christian universities and Bible schools to entice the graduates to embrace other versions. Today, in the majority of Christian bookstores across our nation, hardly any King James bibles are on the shelves.

What has happened? Who is behind this?

God has raised up a man who has thoroughly researched the historical facts and proofs about the Bible issue. Every honest-to-God, born-again preacher who loves the Lord, every laymen, Sunday school teacher and church member should have a copy of David Daniel's masterpiece entitled Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible? Daniels cuts through the religious doubletalk used by phony intellectuals who pretend to speak for the body of Christ. He lays it out for young people to fully realize how we have been so cleverly duped by the vipers in high places, serving the Vatican and betraying the body of Christ.

You will be outraged at what has happened to us. Are we at War? Absolutely!! This book will cause shock waves from one end of this country to the other. Is it over? Christianity is hanging by a thread. The great falling away is almost complete. Read Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible? If it is the only book you read this year, you'll thank God you did.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.

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