Abortion —Another Heart Problem

Few things have become as divisive in the nation as the topic of abortion. And yet this is just a symptom of a deeper divide. In so many ways, we have chosen to ignore God’s viewpoint.

When Jack Chick wrote Who Murdered Clarice?, it was mostly a bloody business. But modern, more sophisticated procedures make it no less evil. God condemns the spilling of “innocent blood” over 20 times in scripture (and it is hard to get more “innocent” than in the womb).

Since blood ultimately goes back into the ground, God claims that it cries out to Him for justice. If that is the case, it must be a roar in His ears, given the thousands of gallons that we have spilled from 60 million dead in the U.S. —and 17 million a year worldwide.

The Israelites who burned their children alive on the altars of the pagan idols were no worse than the “medical procedure” that we call “partial birth abortion,” killing the child during birth.

Is it a man, or some kind of a beast, that will turn a child in the womb and pull him out feet first till only the head remains inside, then carefully probe with one hand along the spine to locate the base of the skull so he can insert dull scissors and make an opening to suck the brains out with a powerful vacuum?

Until death, the baby is flailing his arms in shock at being disturbed from the safety of the womb. Then, the arms go limp and the empty skull is crushed to be more easily removed.

Fortunately, that procedure has been outlawed in most of the U.S. But a recent nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services would not agree that this was a procedure to be condemned.

Procedures that have replaced it are only slightly less gruesome. So called “saline,” or “instillation abortion”, is designed to kill the baby in the womb before it is pulled out, usually piece-by-piece. A long, hypodermic needle is inserted into the mother’s belly. Fluid is drawn from the amniotic sac and replaced with powerful salt water (saline) or some other deadly chemical.

Once dead, parts of the baby’s body are removed with steel forceps and the pieces reassembled to make sure no parts remain inside the womb.

But “modern medicine” has come to the rescue. The gruesomeness is now more hidden by killing the baby earlier in the pregnancy. Known as “medication abortion,” two pills equal a “simple” miscarriage. What the Creator designed as the miracle birth of a new, eternal life, a “heritage” from the Lord, is shed from its warm womb of promise and discarded in the sewer. The DNA blueprint is all there but will never blossom into tiny, grasping fingers, wiggly toes and a sunny smile.

A hard-faced rebellion against God’s better way is the root of this evil tree. Many are praying for a current case before the U.S. Supreme Court that could turn the tide against legal abortion. That would be well and good.

But it still does not address the sin at the heart of the problem —and scripture says that the heart is the problem. Both Who Murdered Clarice? and Baby Talk speak to this heart of the abortion problem.

God’s plan for sex in marriage is best, and there is forgiveness for sin when we violate His plan. But this deadly evil of killing children (abortion) needs to be spoken against in no uncertain terms. These two hard-hitting, no-nonsense gospel tracts do exactly that.

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