More Proof Catholicism Is Not Christian

When ground-penetrating radar led to the discovery of hundreds of children in a mass unmarked grave near a Catholic ‘Kamloops Indian Residential School’ in Canada, the cruelty of the Catholic Church proved it is not Christian.

Missions Fund Report: July 2021

Covid or no covid, these missionaries just refuse to quit! See where your giving is going to bring the Gospel in Chick tracts to the world.

New Bibles Diminish God’s Words

As new Bibles cut out small bits here, a verse there, they diminish the resurrection of Jesus, the miracle of the Exodus and the deity of Christ. The result is a slow ‘corrosion’ of biblical faith.

Schools Are the New Battleground

Parents are becoming outraged as they discover the schools are teaching their young children pornography, homosexuality and gender confusion.

COVID-19 Doesn’t Stop This Soul Winner

Tim Berends keeps finding ways to pass out 300 tracts a day. And people’s reactions to them just keep him going on and on.

The Resistance to Sin is Rising

The public is finally being allowed to see the alternative to gender-change mutilation, Critical Race Theory and abortion. And many Christians and legislatures are fighting back!

Abortion —Another Heart Problem

Is the murder of an unborn child in the name of ‘convenience’ any different than offering them upon the altars of pagan gods in Canaan?

A Message from David Daniels

New Bibles and ‘science’ both have something in common... they keep changing! But there is something that doesn’t change.

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