Chick Mail Bag May/June 2013

"My kids won't read the Bible but they will read your tracts. I actually caught them fighting over them which I find amazing. Thanks so much."
Y., Facebook Post

"Thank you Chick Publications for your ministry and for us to have the opportunity to use your most effective tracts to share with and witness to some who may not yet know Him as Saviour."
D.B., Facebook

"Well back in 1967 or so I was handed a tract called Holy Joe. That tract was the only thing that helped me get through the rough times when I went into the Marines in 1972. To this day I still leave them around and hand them out. If one of those tracts can help some poor, hurting soul I have done my good work for leaving them. Thank you, Jack Chick, for what you do."
R.W. Facebook Post

"In Texas, using Chick tracks under the bridge to not only feed homeless with food but to feed the homeless with the 'Bread of Life' using Chick tracts."
A.L., Facebook Post

"I'm in San Antonio giving out Chick tracks like always. Everyone I hand one to says, "someone else gave me one of those, too." It's wonderful! God is really using you all to change the world for Jesus Christ."
C.B., E-Mail.

I have ordered and handed-out Chick tracts as well. I just wanted to comment on the person who wrote the article in your newsletter entitled "Confessions of a Chick Tract User". I just want to say what a blessing it is to hear from others who give out Chick tracts and how God is using them to reach the lost. Sadly, many (if not most) Christians are fearful (or possibly too ashamed) to give out tracts —and many churches don't want to associate with them because they don't want to be perceived as "haters."

What a sad thing that Christians don't want to do EVERYTHING they can to help spread the Gospel -knowing what Jesus did for them and what He delivered them from. (How can THAT be 'hate'?) I would think that ALL Blood-Bought Christians would JUMP at the chance to WARN others from the "wrath to come" but ALSO to tell them THE GOOD NEWS -but they won't even do that! I just don't understand. God Have Mercy on us! And thanks so much to the person who wrote that article, and God Bless you. PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP! Our Lord is so PLEASED, and you are VERY PRECIOUS in HIS SIGHT!
T. K., E-mai

"I LOVE chick tracts, love talking to folks and passing them these tracts, so well illustrated, Thank You for your dedication in this calling!!!"
V.G., Facebook Post

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