Former Prime Minister Suggests One World Leader

The coronavirus pandemic is landing at the intersection between a push for a one-world government and the struggle for freedom. The U.S. president is adamant that America will continue our effort to maintain the constitutional rule of law that guarantees our freedoms of religion, speech and assembly.

But a former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, recently voiced his support for the need of a single world-wide authority to orchestrate the defense against the disease. He called for it to be “temporary” just for this one event, but such efforts rarely back off without a fight to take down such a power grab.

Another sign of the times is a hand stamp that the officials in India are printing on the back of the hands of those who are flying into the country from states where the coronavirus is growing. The Indian Minister of Health bragged: “If anyone tries to evade or break quarantine they can now be caught.” As believers this is a reminder of the prophecy that such a mark would be required when the one-world ruler, the anti-Christ, gains control.

On a positive note there are numerous reports of Bible believers taking steps to turn people’s attention toward godliness. In Italy where many apartments have small balconies, people were singing gospel songs across to each other from their balconies. In Latin America, Christians were gathering in public places also singing worship songs while still maintaining the “social separation” required.

One of Satan’s recent efforts is to try to force Christian witness off the streets into church buildings. The idea was to turn freedom of religion into only freedom of worship. This would eliminate street preaching and all Bible based activities not confined specifically to “houses of worship.” But historically, it has never stopped there. If this is unchecked, soon unbelievers have entered, claimed to be offended by “hateful” speech and pushed to have even worship in a church condemned and its speech regulated.

One young lady recently mentioned that when she went to the grocery store she found everyone who was there to be much more friendly than she had experienced before the coronavirus arrived. We also observed after the 9/11 tragedy that the level of civility and care for each other in the culture increased for a while. Soul winners should take this into consideration and capitalize on the opportunity to get the gospel more widely spread in their communities.

Since so many encounters are brief when we are circulating in our neighborhoods, the time-honored use of gospel tracts works very well in times like these. History proves that interest in the Kingdom of God is greatly enhanced in times of great uncertainty. Jesus prophesied that in the last days there would be perilous times. And a review of the Old Testament indicates that when men got away from honoring God’s word and obeying his guidelines for life, things would not go well.

Today, some are quick to see the coronavirus pandemic as God’s judgment upon a sinful world. However that might be, we are commissioned to go and teach all nations that obedience to Jesus is the best way to live out our lives.

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