False Forgiveness from a Woodshed

Roman Catholic sinners are not encouraged to confess directly to God for forgiveness. This false church has made sure that their people cannot so easily escape their tight system of spiritual bondage.

Former Prime Minister Suggests One World Leader

A former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, recently voiced his support for the need of a single world-wide authority to orchestrate the defense against the coronavirus.

How Do You Know They Are Real?

In Washington, DC, the Museum of the Bible has a display containing fragments of what was labeled the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some scholars have questioned the history (provenance) of the fragments. Now, other "ancient Bibles" without provenance are being questioned, like ...Sinaiticus.

Facts About Tracts

Little-known facts may surprise you about how God has used tracts in history.

Harvard Hosts Anti-Homeschool Summit

Because of the coronavirus, many parents have experienced homeschooling for the first time. Most are not aware of the controversy and opposition surrounding this by other organizations.

Missions Fund Report: May 2020

You have supported evangelism in one of the most spiritually open countries in the world, the Philippines, through your giving to the Chick Mission Fund. It's about to start again.

Church at the Crossroads of the World

Pastor Brian Kelly began several years ago with a simple table of Chick Tracts set up in a subway of New York City. There he learned that people do read Chick Tracts. Kelly says that New York City is a pressure place and most people passing by appear stressed. But he likes to watch when someone opens a Chick tract for the first time.

A message from David Daniels

Our whole world has been overtaken by a physical virus, but let's not forget about the most deadly virus of all, called sin.

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