666 and Today's One-World Government

The landscape of the 'one-world government' and 'one-world religion' is rapidly forming. As the various pieces of the jigsaw puzzle come together, they clearly match the picture that the Bible describes.

COVID-19 Doesn’t Stop This Soul Winner

Tim Berends keeps finding ways to pass out 300 tracts a day. And people’s reactions to them just keep him going on and on.

False Forgiveness from a Woodshed

Roman Catholic sinners are not encouraged to confess directly to God for forgiveness. This false church has made sure that their people cannot so easily escape their tight system of spiritual bondage.

Former Prime Minister Suggests One World Leader

A former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, recently voiced his support for the need of a single world-wide authority to orchestrate the defense against the coronavirus.

France Takes Another Step Toward "The Mark"

President Emmanuel Macron announced a tightening of the 'health pass,' issued to those who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine. The technology is pretty much in place for The Beast of Revelation 13 to exercise full control.

Globalist Leaders Reveal Their Plans

Sometimes a very short comment is a wide opening into a much larger story.

Half of Born-Again Christians Doubt That Jesus Was Sinless

A sinless Christ is one of the anchor points of the gospel. Redemption from the guilt of sin can only happen by the sacrifice of a sinless One.

Is the Virus God's Judgment?

Many people are asking if the coronavirus is going to be an event that will reshape the world. It is intriguing that the virus has targeted much of the sinful foolishness in our culture.

Jehovah's Witnesses New Tactics

COVID-19 has certainly changed everything, including the door-to-door activity of the JW's. But does that mean that they have ceased from their proselytizing? How to respond with the gospel.

New Homosexual Disorder

Monkeypox - yet another frightening disease has surfaced that afflicts ‘men who have sex with men.’ It’s yet another case of ‘receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.’ (Romans 1:27)

With Schools Closed, Satan’s Attack is Closer to Home

Satan never sleeps, particularly in his campaign to destroy children. With schools closed and children confined to home, his attack is now focused there. Read some of the recent headlines that tell the story.