Getting Older? Pass It On

As we get a few more miles on us, we find that we don’t get around quite as much. We have fewer precious chances to give the gospel to someone.

But that doesn’t have to lessen our impact on the world. Let’s not forget that there is a new generation of Christians coming right up behind us that want to change the world (like we wanted). They just need some help and guidance.

Passing tracts wherever we go is just not being taught from the pulpits the way it used to be, so we need to take matters into our own hands.

Pick some young people in your church and start to supply each with a package of Chick tracts. Teach them how to use them to make sure the people they meet will know how to find the peace that only Jesus gives.

You might even want to let them pick the titles that they think will fit their friends.

Imagine giving a young Christian a copy of "It’s All About You" to read. Then share some ideas on how to give them out. Make sure they know better than to say, “Are you saved?” or “Do you want a gospel tract?” There is a better way. Try this instead:

Hand one to a fast-food or grocery cashier and say, "You’ll enjoy this cartoon when you get your break." After they see how people love to get them, they will get enthused.

They’ll love seeing young people open the tract, see the cartoon, and say "Cool! Thanks! I’ll read this."

If you want to really give them lots of ideas, suggest they direct their cell phone to They’ll find a great lesson on how tracts can help them obey Jesus, and lots of ways to easily get tracts to people. It’s fun!

There are pastors and missionaries ministering all over the world who are there because somebody gave them a Chick tract, and then the Holy Spirit did His job. Let’s do ours.

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