‘Tract Ministry Radically Changed Me’

A brother in Christ from California shares how he was initially concerned that people would react in hostility to receiving tracts. What shocked him was that people would often respond with gratitude, making way for a witnessing opportunity!

A Message From David Daniels

Revival! What does it mean? Who does it begin with? Why doesn’t the church revive? We need to ask ourselves some important questions.

A Message from David Daniels - November 2021

Revival may not be what you think it is. Here’s what it is, and how to get it.

But Was It a Waste of Time?

Do you ever wonder if your witnessing is having ANY effect?

Canadian Pastors Resist Intrusion by Health Officials

Several pastors are pushing back against local government authorities who are trying to restrict religious freedom under the cover of 'COVID-19 public health orders.'

Chick Tracts Help Children Soak Up the Gospel

According to a study done by Barna Research, Christian parents are spending "little, if any time," discussing religion with their children.

Chick's Nigerian Distributor Jailed for 5 Weeks Over Chick Tract

A fax from the Chick Publication distributor in Nigeria spotlights the blessing we have in America in the freedom to present the gospel.

European Official Says Hate Speech Laws Coming Soon to U.S.

Vera Jourová, a Czech politician and lawyer who is the Vice President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency said hate speech laws will soon come to US.

Evangelism Is Bigger Than You Think

If we are to fully obey the Great Commission, it’s important that we're not focused solely on ‘relationship evangelism’. Saturating communities with sound gospel literature was often what stirred up a desire for previous revivals.

Evil Beginning to Get Some Washback

The tide of evil that we have watched rising in our culture is now being opposed by a tsunami of concerned people who are organizing and speaking up.

Five Pillars of Reformation Truth

Every believer should know the foundation issues on which Martin Luthur and the others stood when they rose up to denounce the pope as the antichrist.

Getting Older? Pass It On

Let's not forget that there is a new generation of Christians coming right up behind us who want to change the world just like we wanted to. They just need some help and guidance.

Good News Corner

In today’s increasingly godless culture, parents become frontline soldiers in the war against Satan’s attack on our children. Many are outraged and beginning to stand up against the perversion and propaganda being taught to kids in schools.

Gospel Tracts: A Long and Famous History

Read what several champions of the gospel in the past 300+ years said about gospel tracts. There's one common theme: tracts are a vital part of effective evangelism!

Is the Virus God's Judgment?

Many people are asking if the coronavirus is going to be an event that will reshape the world. It is intriguing that the virus has targeted much of the sinful foolishness in our culture.

Mobs Are Okay, Christians Arrested Instead

Bold Christians are being denied their free speech rights by lawless mobs. Police officers are forcing some street preachers to leave immediately before a situation with protestors gets out of control.

Notes from All Over - January 2024

Some victories, and challenges, in the global battle against perversion. Win some, lose some, but NEVER give up!

Pro-Life Movement Blunts Soulwinning Between Participants

The pro-life movement is key to the future of the ecumenical movement, claims Steven Wood, a Presbyterian pastor who became a Catholic priest.

Researcher Finds ‘Catastrophic Decline’ in Christians’ Worldview

When Christian researcher George Barna discovered that only 6% of the American population had a truly Biblical worldview, it was disturbing enough. Now he has gone one step further and evaluated the worldview of America’s Christians. See what he found out!

Saturate Your Town

This article was contributed by Maria D. who shares what happened after having a dream about how to use tracts to reach her town.

Some Good News —For a Change

Read 3 examples of how parents, young adults and lawmakers are joining together to push back against Satan’s steamroller of lies that has polluted our culture.

Straight Talk on Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons - It's more that just a game. It is spiritually dangerous. William Schnoebelen explains why.

Supreme Court Establishes Strong Precedent for Soul Winners

The U.S. Supreme Court has now made clear that students have the right to share their faith on college campuses even if someone objects to what they are saying. This was a major free speech victory.

Teacher Stands for God —and Wins

PE teacher Tanner Cross almost lost his job for not following school policies. The Christian legal defense group, Alliance Defending Freedom, rushed to his defense.

The Marriage Mess

The Millers looked like the ideal family. But beneath that veneer were the same hurts and failings that afflict millions.

The New Face of Evangelism

Some are beginning to question ‘relationship evangelism.’ Could it be that it’s time to return to using tracts?

Universities Becoming Battlefield for Christians

As home schooled students move on to higher education they soon learn they must confront a hostile world.