Prison Ministry Letters: May-2007

A prisoner writes: I have read your comic books thanks to my Grandfather. The guards at the jail would confiscate our comic books and then we would see them reading them. Praise God! I believe that there were seeds planted.
J. A. Colorado

I was in jail when I first read Chick tracts. Someone in jail with me bought your assortment kit with 80 tracts. I saw the tracts go from jail cell to jail cell. The jail went from 5 saved men to 80 men, who were converted and love Jesus through your ministry. It helped us reach the lost.
G. W. Florida

I remember when all I had in a small two bed cell, was a "Next Step" book and a Bible in which to study God`s Word. As I read and knew the truth of it, then I recommitted my life to Christ. Today as I look back on my life I see as how, through the years, the Lord has used my life as a testimony for His kingdom. I once had an opportunity to share my story or a part of it at a Salvation Army service. I`ve been using Chick literature in my own street evangelistic work.
D. B. Pennsylvania

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