Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2001

I received a package of Chick comics that I had ordered. They came directly to the guard station from the mail room. When some of the guards looked through the package and saw the name "Chick" they assumed they were sexually oriented materials and gave them to me. At first I was angry, but then later started to laugh and praise God. Two of the guards started going to church and one was gloriously saved!
J.D., California

I was really living in every possible form of sins, and one day I felt particularly disturbed and very empty inside. I decided to visit a friend who was cleaning out his room. When I glanced at the rubbish he was throwing out, I saw your literature titled This Was Your Life! Something made me pick it up. Though it was very old, it turned out to be what I was looking for. It revealed my state and awoke my sleeping heart. After carefully reading it and accepting Jesus in my life, I was transformed and set ablaze for Jesus Christ.
C.M., Philippines

We have a large number of Muslims and Catholics in our compound. I am a converted Cathoic myself. When we receive Chick publications, you can count on them being read over and over! We estimate that a Chick tract is read until it is completely worn out while others are thrown away!

I was in a juvenile detention center seven or eight years ago. I read a tract called The Execution and some others many, many times, but would not pray the prayer at the end. I was concerned about what my friends would think. After I was released from detention, I found out what my friends thought. They left me holding the gun for attempted first degree murder and I was sentenced to prison. I never heard from those friends again! Please send more tracts and a Bible.
M., Florida

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