Sodomites Moving in on Children's Clubs

Evidence is mounting that the world is getting increasingly dangerous for our children. The Boy Scouts spent a bundle of money appealing all the way to the US Supreme Court to protect their boys from sodomite scoutmasters. Apparently the Girl Scouts have not even attempted to fight it. A recent Focus on the Family newsletter cited a report that up to one third of the Girl Scout leaders are lesbians.

In July, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America ordered all 500 local affiliates to include active homosexuals as volunteers and mentors to the children in the program.

Apparently we have not learned the lesson from the deepening pedophile priest scandal in the Roman Catholic institution. For years, concerned people inside and outside Catholicism had decried the growing number of homosexual priests. They were told that it didn't matter because the priests were celibate anyway so they would minister in purity.

Some people are just now making the connection that almost all the victims of the priests were boys and that statistics show that the majority of homosexual men will admit to engaging in sex with teen age males.

Since homosexuality is a chosen behavior instead of an "orientation" as they claim, it is only natural to assume that a sodomite will play out his perverted fantasy whenever he thinks he can get away with it.

Fueling this abomination are homosexual publications that promote the joys of adult-child sex. One priest charged with child abuse, was one of the speakers at the founding of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, known as NAMBLA.

This organization advocates removing the laws against statutory rape and incest if it is consensual.

Many countries have lowered the age of sexual consent to early teens. In the US, some states set it at 16. In Canada it is 14, Spain, 13, and 12 in the Netherlands.

The sodomite strategy over the last 20 years has been extremely effective. At first they came out of the closet and requested toleration. Our children watched as we agreed to let them do their thing as long as they kept quiet about it.

Then they asked for acceptance. "Just an alternate lifestyle," they told us. They began to parade their perversion in front of us on TV and movies and again we failed to tell our children that God called it sin.

Next, our children saw us stop calling it a "sexual preference" which made it clear that it was really a choice. We bought their lie that it was not their fault, it was their "orientation," making God to blame.

Finally, they are now demanding direct access to our children through our schools, churches, scout clubs, Big Brother Big Sister type mentoring programs as well as TV and movies. Their goal is no less than to teach our children to imitate their perverse and unhealthful sexual practices.

If decent people continue to look the other way, how long can God hold back the judgment He rained on Sodom and Gomorrah?