Tract Passing Tips

I remember Chick tracts from my childhood. They made such a lasting impression on me that to this very day my mental picture of judgment day is that pictured in This Was Your Life! I never forgot that tract. I'm 31 now and praise God, it is so good to see tracts that I am familiar with like: Holy Joe, One Way, This Was Your Life, The Assignment, A Demon's Nightmare and Somebody Loves Me. I enjoy leaving Chick tracts places I go and especially sending them in letters. They are great and are a powerful witnessing tool. Like I said, they left impressions on me that I remember 23 years later. Praise God for Chick tracts!
K.L., Duncan, AZ

I have just returned from Mexico. The Lord be glorified. I handed out many "Hola" tracts around the border towns, at bus stations, airports and at customs on border crossings. I was drawn to the hardest of men, looking out from evil glaring eyes of sin that said, "don't approach me". I could only praise Jesus as I watched them, from afar, as they read and re-read the tracts and then carefully placed them in their pockets. Some would get them out again, only minutes later to re-read them again. Never be intimidated by evil men thinking them to be hopeless. But love them enough to break through the wall of evil projected and love God enough to be obedient. The Holy Spirit will do the rest.
M.N., Shell Knob, MO

A missionary supported by a large church group in Pennsylvania has passed out as many tracts as she can get her hands on. She told me that a brother was on his bicycle giving them out and one of the men he gave one to got saved and is now a faithful church worker. Praise the Lord!
M.D., Philadelphia, PA

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