Chick Mail Bag July/August 2012

I found a tract, This Was Your Life, on my windshield. It helped to change my life. I got saved and have been passing out Chick tracts ever since. Just wanted to say "Thank You!"
D. H. MO

Several years ago, when I was only sixteen, I stumbled upon a garbage heap and saw a rusty, filthy little booklet and picked it up. As I flipped through the pages, I was gripped with excitement and fear. It dawned on me that somehow, some day, I must appear before the judgment seat of Christ. The booklet was titled, This Was Your Life. It became my most valuable treasure and I shared it with all my friends and made converts. This booklet turned my life around and ignited a flame in me. And today am still giving out these precious little treasures called Chick tracts.
P.M. Facebook Post

My teenage daughter puts them in the bathrooms at her public school where they already had a death, a suicide, and many who are into drugs, alcohol and self-mutilation. Thank you for helping my teenager share Jesus!
L.B., TX

This Was Your Life remains one of the simplest, most straightforward gospel presentations I`ve come across. I have used this particular tract as a pastor and prior to becoming one. I gave several packets of Romanian This Was Your Life to a missionary that was headed to Romania. I gave him one packet in English. He said, having both not only helped his team with their presentation in Romanian, the pictures helped drive home the points to the people of Romania and people were won to Christ. In that I rejoice. This Was Your Life is a great presentation of the gospel and has worked well in my ministry and the ministries of others I know.
F.Q., Facebook Post

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