Chick Mail Bag November/December 2014

God blessed yesterday when I got to lead three children in my apartment complex to Christ. I gave them King James New Testaments and Chick comic books.
H.K., Facebook

I've been going out on the streets for 28 years, ever since I first got saved. A few weeks ago a man came up to me and asked if he could look at the tracts I was giving out. He pulled out one of the Chick tracts from my bundle and with a big smile said, "I got saved after reading this."
C.B., United Kingdom

I love these tracts. My dad passed them out all the time, and got me and my siblings to, as well. These tracts drew so many folks to salvation through Jesus Christ. I read them as a child and now my almost 8-year-old daughter, is reading them, too. She understands the message of Jesus, because you make it so simple for anyone to understand. Thank you for spreading the Truth.
N.M., Facebook

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