Chick Mail Bag (Testimonies)

“I am a 13-year-old girl who has never handed out any kind of gospel tract until recently. My family and I are all followers of the Lord Jesus, but we haven’t witnessed, nor made any efforts to reach out to people in this way... that is, until we found and read your Chick Tracts.

“After reading some of the books you sell, such as "One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven," by Mark Cahill, and studying for myself in God’s Word, the Lord has revealed to me what my ultimate passion should be: witnessing, and spreading the Gospel which Jesus commanded us to preach! I am trying to reach as many people as I can now, and I feel like I have finally awakened!

“I LOVE handing out Chick Tracts to people. I usually say “Would you like a little comic book to read?” My family doesn’t go out a whole lot, maybe several times weekly. Most of the time we’re at home. Where we hand out tracts is anywhere we can! At the grocery store we hand them to customers, cashiers and bag-boys. My dad leaves them around the airports when he travels!

“I recently had the wonderful opportunity to hand out lots of Chick Tracts at a local arts and crafts festival which attracted thousands of people. I sincerely found it a joy to stand on the side of the walkway and give people your tracts. It was wonderful.

“I have gone from being a wall-flower to becoming a Warrior! Now I am confident and eager to share the Word! I really do believe that “Chick tracts get read.” Lots of people like comics!

“My mom has ‘subscribed’ several unsaved relatives to the “Chick Tract Club”, where she has been sending them a Chick Tract monthly.

“I have enjoyed introducing several saved relatives to your tracts, as well. My cousin had never done any witnessing before, so one evening we went out on the beach(with our families) and my brother and I got her started!

“I really believe that God is working through you.

“I hope you continue making more tracts! I will keep using them!”

-Leah O., FL

“My very first exposure to the Gospel at fourteen years old, now over forty years ago, was Mr. Chick’s tract: ‘This Was Your Life.’ That tract led me directly to an altar and to the eternal life our Lord so freely offers.

“And that tract is why I’m now looking for that city whose builder and maker is God, as well as why I’m now actively engaged in street evangelism. And I sprinkle that tract, along with a few others, all over my hometown like so many mustard seeds.

“That’s the least I can do for the One who died for me. So, thank y’all so very much from the bottom of this grateful ole sinner’s heart.”

-Scott A., KY

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