Is UK Planning to Block Prayer for Gender Confused?

A proposed law in the UK could be used to forbid pastors, possibly even parents, from counseling a child who is struggling with their ‘gender identity’.

Mission Fund Report: January 2022

Over 35 million Chick tracts sent to missionaries in over 60 countries! Read the latest report from the mission field.

Parents Waking Up —Fighting for their Kids

An increasing number of parents are waking up to the dangers of the government school systems and they’re speaking out against local school boards who allow pornographic books in the library and Marxist curriculum in the classroom. The innocence of our children is under attack!

Evangelism Is Bigger Than You Think

If we are to fully obey the Great Commission, it’s important that we're not focused solely on ‘relationship evangelism’. Saturating communities with sound gospel literature was often what stirred up a desire for previous revivals.

The Fingerprints of a Fake

Sometimes the simplest things we notice teach us the biggest lessons. Does Sinaiticus, the 'World's Oldest Bible', have the fingerprints of a fake?

Chick Mail Bag (Testimonies)

Read two testimonies that were sent to us from Florida and Kentucky.

Whose Abomination?

For anyone who wishes to honestly consult God’s opinion on the practice of homosexuality, these scriptures, including the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, leave very little doubt.

A Message From David Daniels

People are mysteriously dropping dead or into comas. It’s a lie that we have ‘all the time in the world.’ We don’t. But we can be sure about one thing…