Drag Queens Out to "Groom" Your Kids

Any parent not yet convinced that the government is out to get your kids should review the headlines of a collection of recent articles:

  • “Middle School Invites Drag Queen to Speak at Career Day”
  • “Drag Queen Used to Teach Honesty to 2nd Graders in New CA Textbook”
  • “K-12 Schools Bringing in Drag Queens to Teach Gender Ideology”
  • “American Division of the Library Association Promotes Drag Queen Library Story Hours”
  • “'Super Drags' and 'Drag Tots!' cartoons wooing kids”
  • “Netflix Announces Animated 'Drag Queen' Series 'Drag queen superheroes cartoon.’”

You get the picture!

Fortunately, some communities are fighting back. When drag queen Dylan Pontiff helped organize a story hour for children as young as three at the Lafayette (Louisiana) Public Library last October, parents packed the next city council meeting. There they heard Dylan admit to the council that: “This is going to be the grooming of the next generation. We are trying to groom the next generation.”

He admitted that he “performs” in R-rated shows for adults but claimed that he was able to “filter” his shows for the youngsters.

When the city council voted on a resolution to denounce the library program it was voted down. Apparently, the council had no jurisdiction over the library agenda, even if the resolution had passed.

“This is not about tolerance or anti-bullying,” Leslie Alexander, a member of the community, told the Lafayette Daily Advertiser. “It is a direct and intentional effort to create gender confusion and doubt among very young children at the very time they need solid guidance and understanding. The intent is to plant a seed to make children more likely to question their sexuality or gender at a later age."

Lifesitenews quotes other homosexual activists who state flatly their agenda: “Why would we push anti-bullying programs or social studies classes that teach kids about the historical contributions of famous queers unless we wanted to deliberately educate children to accept queer sexuality as normal?” states U.S. activist Daniel Villarreal in a column for Queerty.com. “We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it. Recruiting children? You bet we are,” he added.

Homosexual activist Michael Swift wrote in 1987 in the Gay Community News that school children would become explicit targets for homosexual indoctrination. “We shall seduce them in your schools…They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us,” he wrote at the time.

What’s a parent to do? Satan wants your child to see sexual deviancy as an option for life. You can protect their “innocence” only so long. Sooner or later they will begin to ask the hard questions.

If they are firmly grounded in God’s point of view on sex, they will be more able to resist temptation. Sexual sin must be viewed as God does all other sin: Satan’s way of killing you early. Whether it is drugs, bank robbery, or syphilis, all are designed to promote early death. Children must understand this as early as possible.

Much of the literature published by Chick Publications is simple, basic biblical truth. Many adults write us that they grew up on Chick tracts and comics and it set their worldview in the right direction. Please visit our resource center and see what could be useful in this war for your kids. Or request free catalog and sample tract.